[mythtv-users] OK. Which Video Capture Card is the best.

Keith Vance keith at take88.com
Tue Oct 11 02:09:27 UTC 2011

I have been struggling to no end to get my pcHDTV HD-5500 card to function properly on Ubuntu for way too long.

It used to work, but I can't get it back to functioning. I can get HD channels to work great, but the analog video either is complete rubbish or it's really poor quality.

I'm fine with scraping this card altogether and buying something better.

So my question is, if you could buy any capture card, which would you buy?

I just have basic Comcast cable running straight from the wall with no box.

I'm looking at Hauppauge, but I'm not sure which of these cards is the most appropriate.

Having looked over the specs, the HVR-2250 seems like the one, but before I buy another card, I'd like to know if it's the best one to get.

Any help would be great.

Am I right to think that the pcHDTV HD-5500 is kind of lame?

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