[mythtv-users] IPTV: changing from udp stream to rtp fail

Artemi Bello Lustonó artemigrj at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 17:38:11 UTC 2011

Hi guys,

I installed mythbuntu 11.04 and configured mytthtv 0.24 to see my ISP's
stream channels. My ISP uses UDP and RTP streams for its different channels
and mythtv show me all fine.

I wrote in my test list file channels.m3u:

#EXTINF:0,001 - FOX
#EXTINF:0,002 - AXN
#EXTINF:0,003 - SYFY
#EXTINF:0,004 - Animax

I can see all channel from 001 to 004 but when i try come back from 004 or
003 to 002 or 001 mythtv shows me a error telling me that mythtv cant find
the channel. After all my tests and googling, i think that problem come when
i try change from udp stream to rtp because mythtv still considering the new
channel stream like udp instead rtp.

If i make up a list channel with only udp or rtp channels all work fine, but
if i use a mixed list channel i can see all rtp channels, while i dont
change to udp channel because, if i do it i only could see udp channels.

I must flush list channels using mythtv-setup to see rtp channels again
because mythtv remember the last worked channel and it was udp so never
could see rtp channel...

Sorry for my poor english and thanks for responses.

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