[mythtv-users] Laptop Recommendation

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Sun Oct 9 00:50:35 UTC 2011

On 09/10/2011, at 5:13 AM, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:

>> I'm looking for a new laptop that will run a mythtv front-end. All the
>> laptops I've looked at so far use either an Intel 3000 or AMD Radeon
>> video chip. Are these chips well supported?
> I have a MacBook as well, with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.
> In OSX I believe it uses the CPU as I don't think MythTV is able to
> use any of the features of OSX that allow for GPU acceleration(?). It
> works well enough using the CPU though.
> When I boot into linux on it I'm able to use VDPAU though.
> My one peeve, in case you were to look for one on the used market, is
> that I got the model *just* before they enabled
> audio-over-displayport, and thus audio over HDMI. So I have to run an
> hdmi line AND a optical output (it has a mini-optical as part of the
> headphone jack). The newer models all have that pin connected though
> so it works, you just have to make sure the model you get has that
> properly implemented. Monoprice sells the displayport to hdmi connect
> for cheap.
> I had a Lenovo with an NVidia chip which worked great for MythTV, but
> the build quality on it was quite poor so beware the older
> non-ThinkPad models. The newer Lenovo's (my housemate has one) seem to
> be 100x better though, but I don't know if they still offer NVidia as
> an option.

The couple of Radeon cards I've tried (MAC 27 and MB graphics) are noticeably worse than any of my nvidia cards (MB 7000 series, 8500 and 8600 card)
On my mac I run myth at 1200x720 bigger makes the jerking so bad. I often boot my nvidia 8600 machine to watch footie ir GP or motoGP


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