[mythtv-users] School me on playing vids in myth

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Fri Oct 7 19:54:55 UTC 2011

linux guy wrote:

I'm no expert, but ...

>I would like to use myth as a seemless way for my users to play stored videos.
>I have read this.
>I am running this.
>$ yum list mythtv-frontend
>Installed Packages
>mythtv-frontend.i686                                 0.24.1-2.fc15
>1)  If I am running myth from a client (mythfrontend), are the 
>directories in Advanced->Setup->Media Settings->Video Settings local 
>to the front end or are they on the server ?

I believe you should ignore those. Prior to storage groups, you had 
to configure shares etc so that the SAME directory was accessible by 
all machines at the SAME path.

Use mythtv-setup and add storage groups for the videos - note that 
you can add multiple directories and Myth will combine the contents 
so it's easy to add multiple disks. These directories are as seen by 
the backend and do not have to be accessible to frontends.


>2) Do I have to restart the server for new directory paths to take effect ?


>3) How can I prevent an inexperienced user from accessing these settings ?

Doesn't matter - they won't be used. But I assume you could edit the 
theme to remove the menu options.

>4) Is there a way to allow the front end to view a video stream, 
>rather than a static video file ?

Do you mean stream from the backend, or some arbitrary stream from elsewhere ?

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