[mythtv-users] gig network upgrade - is it worth it?

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Don't forget the higher communication speed also means higher power consumption, even when idle.  While a couple watts may not seem like much, if you keep the equipment on 24/7, that works out to a couple bucks of electricity per year per computer (plus extra for the switch).  If you are frequently doing file transfers, it might be worth the expense, but it isn't necessary if all you are doing is streaming video (100baseT is more than enough for multiple simultaneous streams).  Just one more thing to keep in mind.

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Subject: [mythtv-users] gig network upgrade - is it worth it?

due to the layout of my house, my mythtv PC is plugged directly into a 100mbit router.
i'm looking at another router with 5ghz network on it, but wondering if it's worth considering bying a new router with 1gig switch at the same time.
from the router, it goes into the loft where it then goes into a 1gig switch and distributed around the house.

boarder picture
the house is only small, so i can only see a max of 2 mythtv FE's. i am planning on moving the BE into the loft (thus 1gig connection) and having just the FE in the living room.

maybe im being shortsighted or i've been looking at new routers too much, but will there be an actual benefit between 100mbit and 1gig for an FE-only machine?? asmuch as gigabit lan would be nice, i cant help but think it's wasted money.

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