[mythtv-users] HDHR died?

bhaskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Thu Oct 6 20:20:50 UTC 2011

On 10/06/2011 02:18 PM, Eric Sharkey wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 12:50 PM, Bert Haskins<bhaskins at chartermi.net>  wrote:
>> Really great piece of engineering here... warrantee expired last month.
> You've filed a support ticked with them?  They might be willing to
> give you a better deal with it being so close to the end of the
> warrantee period.
> The first time mine failed it was a power supply issue and they
> replaced that at no cost even though I was beyond the warrantee
> period.  It ran for two more years before failing the second time,
> when I bought a replacement HDHR3 for $99.
>> Anyone remember when new stuff used to last for ten years or more.
> You're having selective memory of course.

No, not at all.

/////////////// Warning RANT /////////////////////
This ROHS ( lead free ) crap as used on a non-critical/non-aerospace 
apps is probably the
biggest consumer rape of all time !!
I don't even service stuff ( I'm a retired EE/CS engineer ) and yet just 
within our circle
of friends I've seen lots of high-end gear barely over two years old 
with shorts between
Don't even get me started on the ~!@# that they often use for ecaps today.
I will almost bet that that is what happened to my HDHR.
If they don't cover it I will! find out and report to the group.
After all, this thing has less that 200 hours of up time and is looking 
into a cable system.
////////////// end RANT ///////////////

>    Sometimes you get lucky,
> sometimes you don't.  My wife still uses our Series 1 TiVo we got in
> '99.  That same 30GB hard disk has been spinning nearly 24/7 for 12
> years.
Same only I "upgraded" mine to 80GB and it's web-enabled.
I use it mostly of recording old movies
> Eric
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