[mythtv-users] ACPI wakeup does not work

R KANNAN rk111810 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 14:33:39 UTC 2011


I am trying to set up BIOS based wakeup on a Lenovo laptop running Mythbuntu
11.04  and I am following instructions on the following wiki page:


My BIOS time is set to local time and not UTC.  When I manually set up the
alarm and test the wake up functionality, it does not work. 'cat
/proc/driver/rtc' returns

rtc_time	: 10:21:32
rtc_date	: 2011-10-06
alrm_time	: 10:30:00
alrm_date	: 2011-10-06
alarm_IRQ	: yes
alrm_pending	: no
24hr		: yes
periodic_IRQ	: no
update_IRQ	: no
HPET_emulated	: yes
DST_enable	: no
periodic_freq	: 1024
batt_status	: okay

The one difference I see from the wiki page is HPET_emulated changed to
'yes'. My bios does support this functionality as given by 'grep -i rtc

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help
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