[mythtv-users] Plugging second BE into same network, any concerns?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Tue Oct 4 18:25:39 UTC 2011

On 10/4/2011 01:41, David Whyte wrote:
> I am planning to 'fix' my parents 0.22 machine, which has a hardware
> fault and was simply planning on bringing it to my house and
> connecting it to my network to do work on it and download updates etc.
>   Is there anything I need to be aware of before I connect it to my
> network?  I don't want my BE to even know there was a second BE in the
> house, in case it gets jealous or considers it a slave BE or anything.

The only problems with doing such will arise on machines that don't have 
the files telling them how to access the database.  In this instance, 
they will go out searching for a backend over UPNP, and may come up with 
the wrong one.  You may want to run the 0.22 backend with '--no-upnp' 
just to make sure something doesn't connect and try to update the database.

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