[mythtv-users] Live TV being hammered by channel change commands

Wayne Thomas waynethomas69 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 08:14:11 UTC 2011

> Not too random, while being hammered, try this on your combined
> FE/BE:
>   netstat -cantp | grep 6546 (or whatever your port is set to)
> Absolutely nothing at all (when piping to grep to isolate that port that
is, netstat is working).

> And, for those of us watching, the output of:
>   . ~UserNameOfWhoeverRunsMythfrontend/.mythtv/mysql.txt
>   mysql -u$DBUserName -p$DBPassword $DBName -e \
>     "SELECT * FROM settings
>         WHERE value LIKE 'NetworkControl%'"

the database reflects the setting on the frontend and mythweb (set to zero)

If neither of the above reveal anything, put the output
> of a full mythfrontend session on your favorite pastbin
> and post the link here (obviously without all of the
> repeating failure messages.)

Here is the log from starting mythfrontend, change to livetv, let it change
to the same channel three times, then exited (it did exit with a "Error in
my_thread_global_end(): 2 threads didn't exit" message also).  I haven't
trimmed anything out, but it isn't overly long.


While digging around in mysql I did notice that the
channelscan_dtv_multiplex table is full of old scans and channels (i.e. 3035
is the transport id of the channel that is constantly being selected, the
over three hundred entries despite only having 10 or 20 actual channel
entries).  Would it be worth clearing this table of all the old detritus
(and maybe some others) or not?

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