[mythtv-users] Knowing when a recording was previously recorded...

Martin Bene Martin.Bene at icomedias.com
Tue Oct 4 06:52:19 UTC 2011


> I should add that going into the list of recordings for that particular program, I do not see any recordings of that 
> particular show that will not be recorded.

While the episode has been recorded, it's no longer available, i.e it has been deleted or autoexpired.

Using mythfrontend, you can look in "Previously recorded" (found in "Advanced -> Manage Recordings" in mythcenter theme) to see more information; personally  I find that display difficult to use and would use mysql to find the information. 

Info on previsously recorded shows is stored in the oldrecorded table; you could use a statement like the one below to sse what episodes of a particular show had been recorded.

select c.callsign, c.channum, o.title, o.subtitle, o.starttime from oldrecorded o left join channel c on c.chanid=o.chanid where o.title='Magnum';

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