[mythtv-users] Mythmusic with iTunes

Ken Truesdale kat at tiac.net
Mon Oct 3 20:22:21 UTC 2011

In the Myth Wiki I found a couple of mentions about how to copy iTunes files to MythTV and one wishlist item about iTunes integration.  But I didn't see anything about simply using the existing iTunes library.  My iTunes library is on my Mac and keeping it there is more convenient for me than moving all the files to my Myth box.  

I shared the disk on my Mac and updated fstab to automatically mount the Mac drive on my Myth box.  Then I redirected the frontend music location to the mounted iTunes location and restarted the frontend.  (The change didn't take until I restarted it - got error -2 until I did that.)  I made sure that Myth's library style matched iTunes' style:  ARTIST/ALBUM/TRACK_TITLE.  Then I did a scan for new music and it seems to have picked up the whole library.  So far no issues that I can tell.  Mythmusic can even play music I bought through iTunes store which was a pleasant surprise.  

The only nit is that album art doesn't show up but since that isn't stored in the iTunes MP3s, that's to be expected.  And I'm not going to do any ripping on MythTV or I might have an issue with files going in the iTunes directory that don't match the structure.  I didn't try importing playlists but I may try the tip on the wiki for that just to see what happens - if they don't import, it isn't a big deal for me.  

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I might encounter a problem?  Is there a gotcha that I haven't found yet that I should be looking out for?  Or is my setup maybe wiki-worthy?  


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