[mythtv-users] Can't install XBMC on Fedora 14 MythTV box - librtmp conflict

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 22:16:26 UTC 2011

> RTMP is a streaming protocol written by Adobe for use with Flash.  The
> only reason for using librtmp would be to access flash content outside
> the flash player.  MythTV has never used this library.  The only thing
> related to MythTV that would have ever used it is the long since
> abandoned, 3rd party MythVodka plugin.

When I do "yum remove librtmp0" all these dependencies come up, so
there seems to be other MythTV packages using it:

 librtmp0          x86_64     2.3-1.fc14                      @atrpms      98 k
Removing for dependencies:
 ffmpeg            x86_64     0.8-47.fc14                     @atrpms     950 k
 libavdevice52     x86_64     0.7.1-46.fc14                   @atrpms      61 k
 libavdevice53     x86_64     0.8-47.fc14                     @atrpms      61 k
 libavfilter1      x86_64     0.7.1-46.fc14                   @atrpms     433 k
 libavfilter2      x86_64     0.8-47.fc14                     @atrpms     435 k
 libavformat52     x86_64     0.7.1-46.fc14                   @atrpms     1.0 M
 libavformat53     x86_64     0.8-47.fc14                     @atrpms     1.0 M
 mplayer           x86_64     4:1.0-87_snap20110830.fc14      @atrpms      34 M
 mytharchive       x86_64     0.24.1-277.fc14                 @atrpms      17 M
 mythplugins       x86_64     0.24.1-277.fc14                 @atrpms      18 k
 mythtv            x86_64     0.24.1-277.fc14                 @atrpms     0.0
 mythvideo         x86_64     0.24.1-277.fc14                 @atrpms     1.9 M
 mythweb           noarch     0.24.1-265                      @atrpms     4.0 M
 transcode         x86_64     1.1.5-47.2.fc14                 @atrpms     5.9 M

Transaction Summary
Remove       15 Package(s)

Any suggestions?

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