[mythtv-users] Samsung BT flipper remotes ? (remote and keyboard in one)

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 16:52:24 UTC 2011

Bluetooth remotes have pro's and con's compared to IR.

 - line of sight is not required

 - Line of sight is not required, so when accidental keypresses occur, they
actually matter whereas with IR, the signal would usually be blocked
 - battery life is much poorer
 - when they go to sleep, they take time to wake up and reconnect with
keypresses ignored or at the very least delayed

With regard to that specific remote I would say that there are not enough
media forward the back controls. I would look for a remote with multiple
keys that have
fast forward, rewind
chapter forward/backward
increase playback speed (timestretch)
jump forward/backward x seconds (usually 30)
jump forward/backward x minutes (usually 5)

I use a PS3 Bluetooth BD remote and except for battery life and occasional
delay after it has gone to sleep I am happy with it. I so very rarely feel
the need to get the keyboard out - nearly always this is admin work which
cant be done via ssh from my laptop while watching tv.
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