[mythtv-users] Troubleshooting a VGA-SCART converter

Simon Jones sijones2010 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 15:44:40 UTC 2011

> I suspect the first problem is that the scan frequencies are simply too
> high - X doesn't seem to accept the 15.6kHz modelines (from
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Modeline_Database) but will use the 31kHz
> non-interlaced modes - hopefully this will actually work as the TV can
> supposedly take 100Hz progressive input.

The card will not be getting any EDID data, so i'd look for the option
of ignore EDID
and see if that then will allow you to set your modelines correctly.

> I'm also trying to get hold of a CRO to test what's going on, but I'd
> like some advice on what to do - should I
> a. persist with/modify the circuit (e.g. to sync-on-green?)
> b. buy a VGA-composite converter
> c. buy a suitable NVIDIA card (e.g. 8600GT) & use either VGA/SCART or
> S-Video
> d. give up and buy a new TV
> e. something else?

That depends on if your just trying not to spend money because you
think the VGA will give a suitable quality picture or if you have no
money to spend.

Different videos / TV have different frame rates so you'll not be able
to sync the tv frame rate with the content so you will always get a
slight stutter, personally a TV with HDMI input and allowing
24/50/60Hz frames will be a lot better and give better results.

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