[mythtv-users] Playback problem -- random short pauses

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Sun Oct 2 05:06:20 UTC 2011

> so,
> #!/bin/bash
> # Script to reduce CPU impact of preview generation at the end of a
> recording.
> # mv /usr/bin/mythpreviewgen to /usr/bin/mythpreviewgen.real
> # copy this script to /usr/bin/mythpreviewgen and make it executable,
> # chmod 755 /usr/bin/mythpreviewgen
> nice -n 19 mythpreviewgen.real $*
> --
> Steve

FWIW, just wanted to add that I had been having this problem as well
(frequent pauses, sometimes up to 10 seconds).

After upgrading to the latest of JY Avenard's builds (0.24-fixes,
20110930), the problem appears to be resolved, fully (have watched three
hours of 720p video and one hour of 1080i recordings, without one pause,
even with some pretty heavy background processing going on).

Strong work - looks like you guys have nailed it.


Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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