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Sun Oct 2 04:50:35 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2 Oct 2011, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 10/01/2011 10:59 PM, blind_Pete wrote:
> > On Sun, 2 Oct 2011, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> >> On 09/30/2011 02:27 AM, blind_Pete wrote:
> >>> On Fri, 30 Sep 2011, Dan Armbrust wrote:
> >>>>> Can you work out if there is anything "interesting" about your
> >>>>> program guide?  My first guess would be that your guide gets
> >>>>> updated data to reflect reality (which is a good thing, but
> >>>>> rather confusing).
> >>>> Dunno.  Any display of the program guide I look at looks perfect.  I
> >>>> haven't even noticed any duplicates ever listed in the upcoming
> >>>> recordings section.
> >>> Something to watch for is moving times.  eg  If what was an
> >>> 8:00 to 8:30 program becomes an 8:00 to 8:29 program and then an
> >>> 8:01 to 8:30 program.
> >> Yes, this sounds like exactly what's going on.  EIT data that changes
> >> the start and/or end times right around the time the show starts
> >> (possibly just after one recording has started).
> >>
> >> So, it comes down to "garbage in, garbage out."
> > No.  More accurate information has become available, and
> > sometimes real life is confusing.
> >
> >> If only there were a quality source of listings data for users in North
> >> America.
> > I am not in North America.  Maybe the original poster is.
> > /Family Guy/ and /Jay Leno/ are syndicated around the world.
> >
> >> Of course, MythTV is a "free" TV recording application,
> >> therefore, a MythTV box isn't worth $25/yr, so I totally understand why
> >> you'd be using the garbage EIT data that your broadcaster is giving
> >> you.  And, the fact that Schedules Direct isn't selling TV listings
> >> data, but is selling a membership, whose fee is meant to help Free and
> >> Open Source Software projects,
> > I didn't know that.  Good on them.
> >
> >> and one perk of membership is free,
> >> quality listings data means that it's definitely not worth getting a
> >> membership--after all, why would anyone want to actually support the
> >> FOSS community.
> > I have philosophical reasons for wanting to support the FOSS community,
> > even though my practical contributions are not much more than trying
> > to submit a few sensible bug reports.
> >
> >> Perhaps you should get a luxury DVR device like a TiVo or
> >> cable-/satellite-company DVR--rather than a freebie DVR that, obviously,
> >> doesn't work well--you know, one of those DVR's that actually worth
> >> paying $10 to $15 (or $20) per month to use, instead of MythTV.
> > Do you mean me, or the OP?
> I said you were right about what's likely causing the OP's problem and 
> then provided additional information for the OP.  I had no reason to 
> believe you were having problems, let alone tell you that you should use 
> Schedules Direct; whereas, the OP said he's in North America and is 
> refusing to become a Schedules Direct member on account of principles, 
> so I felt it was worthwhile to remind him that $25/yr = less than 
> $0.07/day will give him a Schedules Direct membership and free access to 
> high-quality listings..

You make them sound good, but are they really good or just slow to 
respond?  "Slow to respond" makes thing more stable.  It seems that 
a "don't look at the EIT or change the recording times any more 
tonight" command might reduce the number of surprises.  But then 
you would have to remember to look the night's conflicts and OK it.  
That is probably not a real solution.  

> If it upsets you, I'll try not to send replies to say that your posts 
> are correct.  :)

It is OK I just thought that you might be upset with me.  

> >    I won't be bying one of those, but it
> > would be a sensible option for some people.
> >
> > WHEN the broadcasters change their mind about what they are doing,
> > or their schedule just slips, the old program data from whatever
> > source is wrong.  What happens next is "interesting".
> And when the broadcaster fails to update the start time of a show until 
> after the outdated start time has passed, they're sending garbage.  It's 
> as bad as when I'm sitting around in an airport at 7:55pm waiting to 
> board my 7:35pm flight that's still marked as "on time"--someone should 
> have updated the info a bit earlier.

Anyone who curses when that one bites for the first time has 
my sympathy, but it can be delt with.  Recalculate the new 
start time (with hard and soft lead in).  If that has already 
past, just keep going until the new stop time.  Else stop, 
delete the garbage and wait.  

A long time ago I dropped my parents at the airport and they were 
surprised to find that their flight had been rescheduled to two 
hours EARLIER.  

> Mike
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