[mythtv-users] Does mythnuv2mkv.sh run only on the recording backend?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sat Oct 1 17:16:50 UTC 2011

On 10/1/2011 12:19, Yianni Vidalis wrote:
> Am I stating the obvious when I assume that it has to be in the exact 
> same path? If this is the case, it could be messy... The MB stores 
> recordings in /myth, whereas the SB has the videos under /myth...

Yes.  It looks through all paths defined for that storage group on all 

> Even if I mount the MB's directory locally on the SB, won't the SB try 
> to save its own recordings there? that will mean too much network traffic.

The backend will record to any storage group defined locally, or on the 
master backend.  Assuming your master backend is already using its own 
tuners and disks, which is why it spilled over to the slave, there is 
good chance that the disk scheduler will not reuse those disks because 
of existing IO load.

> I was under the impression - or wishful thinking - that the 
> mythnuv2mkv.sh script would stream the recording over, do it's job and 
> put it back nicely!

While the files could be streamed from the master backend using the 
built in web server, the same mechanism used for upnp clients, streaming 
to the master backend can only be performed using the backend network 
protocol.  Thinking a simple BASH script could be capable of that is 
wishful indeed.  Now it could be written by the clinically insane, like 
the IRC client that interfaces with /dev/tcp for network communications, 
but most sane programmers realize at some point that a shell batch 
language is insufficient for their needs, and switch to a real 
programming language.
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