[mythtv-users] Does mythnuv2mkv.sh run only on the recording backend?

Yianni Vidalis yiannividalis at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 1 15:45:40 UTC 2011

Hi, and have a nice month, everyone.

I set up mythnuv2mkv.sh to transcode my poor quality analog recordings to mpeg4 to save some space. The script runs perfectly on the backend that records the shows but the same script  fails with:

01/10,18:32 [24624] INFO Changed to 480 quality.
01/10,18:32 [24624] INFO Crop set OFF.
01/10,18:32 [24624] ERROR Skipping 1046 20110906185500. Did not match a recording.
01/10,18:32 [24624] INFO Exiting. Errored.

...when I allow it in mythtv-setup to run on a slave backend. Is this behavior as intended or have I misconfigured something?

I am running the latest mythtv HEAD.

Thanks in advance,

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