[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu Where's 'Applications->System->Preferences'?

Sven Bretfeld sven.bretfeld at gmx.ch
Sat Oct 1 08:36:23 UTC 2011

Christopher Kerr <mythtv at theseekerr.com> writes:

> The difference is quite fundamental. Ubuntu guides are written
> assuming that you're using the GNOME desktop environment, whilst
> Mythbuntu uses XFCE to save resources. As such, the GNOME specific
> tools aren't there by default. There's usually an XFCE alternative, or
> something you can install yourself, but it does render the
> Ubuntu-specific guides rather useless.

Yes, that's surely the explanation. What you can do if you don't want to
fiddle out what tools you need, is installing ubuntu-desktop. This will
install Gnome and all its tools. You can, then, choose Gnome (or Unity,
if you have 11.04) at the login screen. Make your settings as you are
used to, then reboot and login into XFCE for your normal MythTV sessions
(to save resources, you can also run Myth under Gnome/Unity of course). 

However, an installation of ubuntu-desktop will cost you space on your
hard disk.



P.S. it's possible, if you are under Ubuntu 11.04, that ubuntu-desktop
will not install Gnome at all, but Unity. But there must be a
dummy-package for installing Gnome.

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