[mythtv-users] new to MythTV - general questions

Joel not12listen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 04:31:15 UTC 2011

firstly, i just joined the MythTV forum and mailing list a few days ago.

secondly, i am just trying to get an understanding of what hardware is 
needed to get a MythTV box working.  so, here is my situation...

Dish Network is my tv signal provider (not switching back to Comcast - 
hate it)

i have an AMD 3800+ X2 (64bit) machine sitting here, aching to be put to 
good use.

it has no capture card of any kind.  i was looking into purchasing an 
Hauppauge HD PVR 1212, and linking the Dish Network box to the HD PVR 
via Component cables, then to my tv.  the HD PVR would be connected to 
my MythTV machine by USB.  i would use this machine solely as the 'back 
end' machine, and use an identical machine (that has an nVidia card) for 
displaying the videos.

so...  does this sound correct?  am i missing anything?


- joel -

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