[mythtv-users] cannot "remap" channels in channel table for HDHomeRun Prime

David Engel david at istwok.net
Tue Nov 29 15:55:10 UTC 2011

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 08:29:09AM -0500, Khanh Tran wrote:
> I've been "remapping" my channels with the clear QAM HDHomeRun, much
> like most cable companies do now.  For example, I remap channel 7 to
> be 707 (the HD version).  This way, it's easier to get to the HD
> versions of the channels.  I copy over the freqid, mplexid,
> atsc_major_chan, etc, but when I do this with the HDHomeRun Prime,
> MythTV still tells the Prime to tune the "regular" SD channel 7.

Ron did a good job of explaining why your remapping doesn't work with
the HDHR Prime.  Even if it did work, you shouldn't muck with the
database directly.  Michael Dean will be along shortly to admonish you
further on the dangers of doing so. :)

Anyway, here's what you can do.  Change the callsigns for both the SD
and HD versions of the channels to be the same.  For example, if
channel 7 is ESPN and 707 is ESPNHD, change 707 to be ESPN.  This will
let you use channels 7 or 707 interchangeably when you create a
recording rule for ESPN.  Now, lower the priority of channel 7 so it
is less than the priority for channel 707.  For example, if both have
0 priority, change channel 7 to be -1.  This will make MythTV use
channel 707 in nearly all cases, even if you originally created a
recording rule using channel 7 from the EPG.

Note that I said "nearly all cases" above.  That's because it's
possible MythTV might still try to use channel 7 in some obscure
corner cases.  In MythTV 0.25, you can create a filter to make sure
channel 7 never gets used unless you explicitly allow it.

David Engel
david at istwok.net

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