[mythtv-users] OSX Video Playback problems

Christian Reynolds cyberdoc at astro.cmreynolds.org
Mon Nov 28 15:33:36 UTC 2011


Thank you scram69 for the link http://www.avenard.org/files/mac/MythFrontend-0.24.1-jyavenard-intel-10.6v0.24.1-167-g7dc43af-dirty.dmg 

That took care of my issue... the remote is working perfectly, and the audio is wonderful.  I wish that the file / link could be posted to the wiki.  The one thing
that I found distracting in looking for a solution was verifying dates / version numbers to make sure what I was reading applied to 0.24.1 release, and not
something from the deep past that may have already been fixed.

Thank you again to all of the developers and the community.  


On Nov 27, 2011, at 12:00 AM, scram69 wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 3:43 PM, Christian Reynolds
> <cyberdoc at astro.cmreynolds.org> wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I am running MythTV on a Fedora 13 backend (64 bits) and with a 2009 Mac Mini Frontend.  I recently upgraded from 0.22 to 0.24.1
>> My Backend Version:  mythtv-backend-0.24.1-2.fc13.x86_64
>> My Frontend Version: fixes/0.24 [v0.24.1-107-g088335b-dirty]
>> Everything works fine (that I can tell) when in Stereo mode: videos play as expected, audio properly routes, Mac remote works well.
>> When I enable 5.1 digital, the first show that I play works as expected, and I am amazed with the audio.  Any show afterwards, until I quit MythFrontEnd, runs at double speed.
>> With some tests, I find that if I disable audio buffering, the audio signal will switch from analog to digital and back and forth many times.  I have also disabled advanced audio settings.
>> I consider the upgrade an improvement, because at 0.22, ANY show in 5.1 mode would give me a buzzing audio presentation.  My digital setup worked properly in 0.21, but I don't wish to return to that, as I am too used to having a working remote control.
>> I have attached my console log below, but removed font errors.  Any ideas on how to get completely functional digital audio?
>> Thanks,
>> Christian
> Here's a build from Jean-Yves Avenard who submitted the fix:
> http://www.avenard.org/files/mac/MythFrontend-0.24.1-jyavenard-intel-10.6v0.24.1-167-g7dc43af-dirty.dmg
> It has been working well for me on the mini-
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