[mythtv-users] Sometimes: Protocol version check failure. The response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION was empty.

Robert Verspuy robert at exa-omicron.nl
Mon Nov 28 08:30:53 UTC 2011

On 09/17/2011 12:04 AM, Michael Watson wrote:
> What is your network connection between the frontend / backend? Is it 
> wireless or wired? Is the Backend / Frontend doing anything CPU / Disk 
> Intensive at the time you get the MYTH_PROTO_VERSION errors? What are 
> the Specs of the two Systems? CPU / RAM / Network Speed I have seen 
> these errors when either trying to use a wireless connection (ie, 
> network throughput is not fast enough for MythTV to work properly, or 
> when Local tasks on either the Frontend or the Backend are bogging 
> down the system, so either are unable to respond fast enough to work 
> properly.
> Michael 

Sorry, I was very bit busy last weeks with work and I did not have time 
to reply, but I do appreciate your help

Between the FE and BE I have wired gigabit (2 switches in between).
But It also appears when I run the FE on the same machine as the BE.
The BE is not busy with CPU and disk (almost no other activity on that 

the BE is a AMD Phenom II 955, 8GB ram, 6TB diskspace.
The FE is a AMD Athlon X2, 2 GB ram, 2TB diskspace and currently (still) 
running fedora 14).
I also installed a FE on my notebook, intel i7, 4GB ram, 120 GB SSD.
All connected to gigabit switches on the same subnet.

But I think my problem is the same as ticket 

I currently have the BE running on git trunk/head version. And it is 
recording, but I have to restart it daily. Most of the time, I can not 
connect to it with a FE from my notebook. (protocol check failure).
I also have a problem that iptv recoring keeps running in the background 
after the BE think it has stopped. So files on disk keep growing. Maybe 
this is related to the deadlock issue?
If not, I will create a bugreport for this, because this is clearly not 

Thnx for you time!

Robert Verspuy

Patroonsweg 10
3892 DB Zeewolde
Tel.: 088-OMICRON (66 427 66)
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