[mythtv-users] watching mkv movies causes pausing problems

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Sun Nov 27 21:42:24 UTC 2011

Marc Williams wrote:
> Please let us know the results of your search.

Well, at least under .23, it breaks skipping completely.  There are 
several references of a lot of work that was backported to .24 on 
seeking.  To get the test movie back to where it was, I had to remove it 
and then add it back.

The command line to rebuild your seek table is:

mythcommflag --video /path/to/video/videoname.mkv --rebuild

The error I get when running mythfrontend -v playback,extra when jumping 
to chapter 4:

2011-11-27 16:32:41.756 [matroska @ 0xb4b8ce20]Read error at pos. 
895759627 (0x3564350b)

I found this thread:



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