[mythtv-users] Stability of latest nvidia (290.10)

Josu Lazkano josu.lazkano at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 21:03:13 UTC 2011

2011/11/24 Brian J. Murrell <brian at interlinx.bc.ca>:
> On 11-11-24 04:11 PM, Warpme wrote:
>>  Only reason why I'm trying new nv
>> drivers is flash support stability.
> Well, that's fair enough then.  Something was broke.
> b.
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Hello all, I updated the Nvidia driver version to 290.10 because I
read that there are some fixes for flash video acceleration:

I install it on Debian Squeeze (2.6.32), it works well for HDTV but I
have this segfault on mythfrontend log:

[ 1010.670058] mythfrontend[4858]: segfault at 5c ip b2626e80 sp
bfa625a8 error 6 in libnvidia-tls.so.290.10[b2626000+3000]

I notice an other problem, when I execute "nvidia-smi" I get this error:

$ nvidia-smi -a

==============NVSMI LOG==============

Timestamp                       : Sun Nov 27 19:03:52 2011

Driver Version                  : 290.10

Attached GPUs                   : 1

Unable to determine the PCI bus id for the target device: Unknown Error

With other driver versions, I get lot of information here.

Is this a know bug or is just a configuration problem? Anyone with
this driver working?

Thanks and best regards.

Josu Lazkano

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