[mythtv-users] Intermittent playback skips and log errors

steve networks1 at cox.net
Sun Nov 27 14:47:01 UTC 2011

On 11/25/2011 9:35 PM, Mark Lord wrote:
> On 11-11-25 12:19 PM, steve wrote:
>> I am having a problem playing back recorded (via HDPVR) shows.  There is
>> intermittent dropping out of audio and perhaps a brief skip in the video
>> then playback continues.  The log is filled with hundreds of entries like
>> 2011-11-22 06:42:11.701 [h264 @ 0x35326f4f20]non-existing PPS referenced
>> 2011-11-22 06:42:11.701 [h264 @ 0x35326f4f20]sps_id out of range
>> 2011-11-22 06:42:11.701 [h264 @ 0x35326f4f20]non-existing SPS 32 referenced in b
>> uffering period
>> 2011-11-22 06:42:11.701 [h264 @ 0x35326f4f20]non-existing PPS 0 referenced
>> 2011-11-22 06:42:11.701 [h264 @ 0x35326f4f20]decode_slice_header error
>> 2011-11-22 06:42:11.701 [h264 @ 0x35326f4f20]no frame!
>> 2011-11-22 06:42:11.753 [h264 @ 0x35326f4f20]mmco: unref short failure
>> I researched this, and it seems to be related to VDPAU somehow, but I can't find any consistent recommendation for a fix.  I have the latest NVIDIA drivers installed.  Anyone have idea about how to address this?
> I've noticed this *began* happening for some h264 files on my own system
> at some point this fall.  I regularly build mythtv from the latest 0.24-fixes
> sources,
> and until perhaps July/August 2011 everything was fine on the stuttering front.
> But as of October, some files that used to play perfectly now have the issue.
> A workaround I've found for it is to enable "-v all" logging for mythfrontend.
> That's right -- turn on all of the debug messages to try and track down the issue,
> and the issue itself goes away.  For me at least.  :)
> Cheers
Thanks but I tried this fix and it didn't work for me.  It's odd because 
some recordings play just fine, whereas others stutter so much it's 
difficult to watch them.  I've tried lowering number of backend jobs to 
1 and setting processor load to low in setup in case it's a processor 
issue, but nothing seems to affect it.  Should I submit this as a bug?



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