[mythtv-users] Viewing mythlink.pl symlinks over smb

Matt Emmott memmott at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 05:31:34 UTC 2011

I use mythlink.pl to dump symlinks of my recordings to
/var/lib/mythtv/recordings/show_names. Recordings is shared out over SMB. I
used to be able to mount recordings/show_names on my Boxee Box and stream
recordings from there. However, I recently added a couple new drives and
set each one up as a member of my recording group. Now, these symlinks no
longer work over SMB.

I know there are a lot of variables here, and I'm pretty sure I know the
cause - The symlinks were previously pointing to a relative path, of the
parent folder that contained the recordings. Now, the links are pointing to
files that aren't shared out. So my question is, how can I figure out how
to set this up so all the recordings are available over SMB? I don't mind
adding extra shares if the logic of the symlink would be able to locate the
files. But, the Boxee box has zero diagnostic logging that I'm aware of so
I can't tell what path it's looking for. I do know that when I look at the
shortcut on my Macbook it shows that the file is a symlink, but does not
show to where it thinks the symlink is pointing.. Thoughts on how to fix
this? Thanks in advance.
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