[mythtv-users] watching mkv movies causes pausing problems

Taylor Ralph taylor.ralph at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 04:32:30 UTC 2011

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 10:43 PM, Marc Williams <marcjw53 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I searched this list but did not see any solutions.  Perhaps I'm the
> only person with this problem, even though that strikes me as odd...
> I've been running Mythtv quite successfully for a couple of years. I've
> ripped my DVDs to mkv format using makemkv and Myth plays them back
> wonderfully. Almost. The time remaining, e.g. when paused, is always
> wrong. It's wrong by just a little bit (a minute or two) at the start of
> the movie and gets progressively worse so that toward the end of the
> movie it's WAY off (30-45 mins usually).
> I could live with this but the worst part is that when resuming from
> pause it returns to where IT thinks I paused it, not where I really
> paused it. In other words, If I pause a 2:00 hr movie at the 1:55 mark,
> it states that I've paused it at the 1:20 mark and that's where it will
> resume from. I've learned to NOT pause movies, especially toward the end.
> I'm now running .24 and this behavior has pestered me since .22. I
> should've gotten around to asking about this a long time ago.
> Should this be reported as a bug?  Any help or advice welcome. Thanks!

We are aware of the problem. The issue is related to DVDs being
telecined. This causes frames to be repeated which cause the reported
frame rate (29.97 fps for NTSC) to be different from the actual frame
rate (23.976 fps). Since we use frame counts and the reported frame
rate to determine position and the seek target it get's way off and
the further into the movie the worse it gets as you've described.

This will be resolved when we start using pts timestamps for position
instead of frame counts and when we provide time-based seeking instead
of frame-based seeking. These changes will only be for playback
without a seek table.


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