[mythtv-users] Buttons on Hauppauge remote behaving weird

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Nov 25 20:12:36 UTC 2011

On 11/25/2011 10:45 AM, Martin G wrote:
> Geoff,
> Thanks for responding.
> I've reconfigured the drivers, reinstalled the LIRC packages, edited
> config files... Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, some buttons
> work sometimes, some buttons never work...
> The conclusion: It's just a fucking mess. The LIRC drivers and
> software is completely borked. There's no helping it.
> I don't know what happened between Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10

Well there you go. You fucked up. You *trusted* them. (To paraphrase the 
immortal words from Animal House!)

Seriously, every time Ubuntu "upgrades" they seriously mess up 
something. You need only read the list to see it go by!

If you really love Ubuntu I can only suggest re-installing 10.04. It 
will be much less painful in the end. And most of the actual upgrades 
will get backported to updates. And isn't 10.04 the LongTerm version?

Otherwise, I would suggest changing to Fedora. The jump from F14 to F16 
is strange, entirely and completely because of the change to the use of 
systemd, but *EVERYTHING ELSE* is basically the same as before.

And systemd is not all that hard to understand. I have F15 on my laptop 
(with an instance of mythtv!) running systemd and I am playing with F16 
as a guest in virtualbox on it. This desktop is still on F14 as is the 
mythbox at home. But the mythbox has and probably will stay on F14 until 
after Christmas because the WAF is REALLY REALLY high and I do NOT want 
to mess with that!

If you do change, at least there is lots of stuff on the wiki about 
using Fedora. I have not spent any real time messing with Ubuntu. I had 
a Ubuntu setup in sandbox for a while, playing with Nokia N810 
programming. The most annoying thing was that stuff was not where I 
expected it. Took a little extra time to find stuff, and took a little 
while to understand that apt-get is supposed to be the answer to why 
there is life in the universe, but otherwise is wasn't too hard.

As to your present problem:

1	Start by putting a new set of batteries in the remote. I KID YOU NOT.
2	If you have a digital camera which 'sees' infra-red, see if you can 
see anything.
3	Grab a list of the lirc drivers and try a modprobe frenzy!. modprobe 
-r old, modprobe new, service lirc restart, irw.

I remain convinced that you have a bad driver/lircd.conf combo going on, 
not a bad install.

It might even help to drop back and install lirc-.8xxx instead of the 
newer lirc-.9xx.  Note that a lot of stuff has changed to use the evdev 
mapping for the lircd.conf and the driver names have changed a little.

And if you, like me, find that the help pages on the lirc site are more 
than a little opaque, please add your complaints to mine. I find that 
the lirc help pages are misleading (not exactly 'wrong', but entirely 
dependent on a pre-existing state which is only reached by following the 
prior steps exactly).


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