[mythtv-users] RTC & RTCWake problem

PJR pjrobinson at metronet.co.uk
Thu Nov 24 12:36:56 UTC 2011

My mythbuntu 11.04 system is showing strange behaviour running rtcwake.
If I set the wakeup time in the future then /proc/driver/rtc has the
correct time (and the system wakes up correctly).  If I set the wakeup
time to some time in the past (reasons explained later) /proc/driver/rtc
shows +5min into future from when set. On wake up or re-boot
/proc/driver/rtc always shows alrm_time: 00:00:00, alrm_date: 1970-01-01
but, even though this time is in the past the system will still wakes up
at midnight each day!!!  The reason for trying to set the wake up time
in the past was to prevent the issue of it waking up at 00:00:00, but I
can't set it in the near past and it seems to wake up anyway!!  The m/b
is Jetway JNC98-525, BIOS is Award Version A04.  Thoughts would be helpful.

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