[mythtv-users] Sky+ HD channel change script failing

Dave Pearson lists at the-pearsons.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 19:55:16 UTC 2011

On 23/11/11 19:33, Lawrence Rust wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-11-23 at 19:08 +0000, Dave Pearson wrote:
>> For some time now I've been controlling my Sky+ Box with an MCE Remote
>> Sender through a "Digisender" box.
>> This has worked perfectly for me up until now when I have changed the
>> box to a Sky+ HD box.
>> I know that the Digisender is still working as I can control the box
>> using the Sky plus remote control through it.
> Sky+ and Sky+ HD boxes use different RC codes for the same key press.
> You can't control an HD box with a Sky+ RC and vice-versa.
> E.g. SkyHD RC scan code is 0x00005cxx whereas Sky+ is 0x00000cxx and an
> original Sky RC code is 0x000000xx.
>> The problem I am having is that some key presses are being repeated,
>> while others are not being received by the HD box, obviously this means
>> that channel changes do not occur or are wrong.
> Guess that the SkyHD box doesn't do a good job of RC6 decoding.
>> I can only assume that it is a problem with sensitivity on the HD box as
>> the normal Sky+ Remote still works - does anyone else control a Sky+ HD
>> box via an MCE Remote Sender? If so, can I have a copy of your working
>> general.conf for the sky remote? Or, does anyone have any other ideas
>> that i could try to get this working again?
> I believe all that you need to do is translate the 0xcxx key codes to
> 0x5cxx and all will be OK.
Hi Lawrence,

I'm not so sure about the Sky+ & Sky +HD boxes using different codes - 
I'm using the old Sky+ remote and it seems to work perfectly.

I am, however willing to try changing the scan codes - I'm just not sure 
what I should be changing ;-( I presume it's in the general.conf file, 
here's a snippet of mine:

# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.8.0(userspace) on Fri Jul 28 02:45:39 2006
# contributed by Lloyd Williams <binary_frog|chatcircuit.com>
# brand:                       SKY
# model no. of remote control: URC 1650-00 B00 - 9RC16P-1014 Sky+ Rev 6
# devices being controlled by this remote: SKY+ DVB-S receiver & PVR

begin remote

   name  sky
   bits            8
   eps            10
   aeps          100

   header       2691   890
   one           427   460
   zero          427   460
   pre_data_bits   17
   pre_data       0x3FF3
   gap          149845
   min_repeat      2
   toggle_bit      0

   rc6_mask    0x100000

       begin codes
           POWER                    0xF3
           TV_GUIDE                 0x33
           BOX_OFFICE               0x82
           SERVICES                 0x81
           INTERACTIVE              0x0A
           INFO                     0x34
           UP                       0xA7
           LEFT                     0xA5
           RIGHT                    0xA4
           DOWN                     0xA6
           SELECT                   0xA3
           CH+                      0xDF
           CH-                      0xDE

Any help gratefully received.


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