[mythtv-users] BE slow without internet connectivity

Alan Walls Alan_Walls at trimble.com
Wed Nov 23 17:22:37 UTC 2011

> this problem first exhibited itself with slow FE performance when it 
> first wakes up and interacts with the myth DB (ie: liveTV, recorded 
> shows, videos). however, it seems that the BE is also slow during
initial connection with SSH (before MOTD/password prompt), and the same
with VNC (asks for password, desktop is displayed, but takes time to
show mouse cursor).
> the BE is on 24/7, it runs mythbuntu 11.04 x64, and 0.24.1 as of
around 2 weeks ago.
> mythweb seems fine, as does other services installed (webmin &
qbittorrent). file transfers seem fine too.
> the problem arose after i lost ADSL connectivity last friday (ADSL 
> still down), and which my single mythFE also had problems with
ICEauthority when starting the frontend (deleting the .ICEAuthority file
in 'home' fixed this).
> i have LAN access, but no internet.
> is this expected behaviour? aside from qbittorrent on the BE, there is
no other internet orientated connections i am aware of.

I had a similar problem when my MythTV system was connected via dialup.
It was caused by DNS lookups timing out.  

In my case it was NFS shares that were slow.  Adding the local network
machine names to my hosts file solved the problem.

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