[mythtv-users] hvr-1600 and wake from suspend not working?

Keith Pyle kpyle at austin.rr.com
Wed Nov 23 16:44:31 UTC 2011

On 11/23/11 06:00, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> I recently added an HVR-1600 to my BE and now it doesn't wake from
> suspend.  Has anyone else had that problem or is anyone else with an
> HVR-1600 in their BE successfully suspending and waking?
Is this a S3 (sleep) or S5 (hibernate)?

I don't have a HVR-1600, but I have a HVR-2250 and it will not resume
from S5 properly unless the card's firmware is reloaded by modprobing
the driver module.  It seems that the driver only loads the firmware on
initial execution (boot or module load) and doesn't do any subsequent
checks to see if the card is properly initialized.  This means that some
trickery is required with the initramfs to have this driver built into
your kernel (and reload the firmware on resume) or you have it as a
module that can be loaded after boot/resume.  In the latter case, you
can use the hibernate configure script to cause the reload the module
automatically on S5 resume.  I've chosen the module method and it works
fairly well, excepting the 15 second delay to initialize the card.

I have not experimented with S3, so I don't know if the same issues are


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