[mythtv-users] DLNA clients and MythTV

John reidjr at lineone.net
Wed Nov 23 16:21:17 UTC 2011

On 23/11/11 13:40, Terjesen Jens Peder wrote:
> Conor Klecker wrote:
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> Has anyone had much success with a brand of HDTV or media player playing your MythTv recordings without and additional transcoder or additional tinkering? I have had poor luck with the 360 as a client and great success with the PS3 (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/494981) 
> But even though my Blu-Ray player is Sony it doesn't play the recordings.
> So who has had luck with a great DLNA player? One built into your TV?
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> I have one Asus O!Play HD2 and one A.C.Ryan HD Mini.
> With the latest firmware both works reasonably well.
> I can display the recordings ordered by all, date, title, category, TV channel, and possibly some more I can't remember.
> The O!Play is a bit slow in starting playback but is otherwise fast enough in the menus, and when listing all recordings it orders them chronologically.
> The HD Mini is noticeably faster in starting playback but when listing all recordings it orders them alphabetically.
> I guess the recording format is quite important regarding which devices can play the recordings.
> I also have an Asus Transformer (Android) Pad that I so far has not got to play my recordings which are MPEG-2 for SD and H.264 for HD.
> Jens
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I eventually gave up with Myths built in DLNA server. My Sony Internet 
TV ( Uk version 40EX503) can see the myth native server, but cant connect.

I run Serviio, which is free, (but not open source) on my Mythbackend. I 
publish my MythVideo directory, and use mythlink to name the TV 
recordings, and then publish the "friendly named" mythlink directory.

I contributed to the Serviio profiles, so that it now supports the 2010 
Sony TVs pretty well, and the playback directly on the TV is as good as 
it gets, for both SD and HD recordings, as there is none of the 
de-interlacing issues you get on even the best mythtv frontend. I still 
prefer the mythfrontend for functionality, and the quality on my little 
Revo box is pretty good, but its nice to just flip on the TV and 
directly play HD in best quality without firing up the full feature 

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