[mythtv-users] no write(2) method for mythfs.py?

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Nov 23 15:27:37 UTC 2011

I'm trying to use mythfs.py to fix a broken recording but I notice that
when I try to write to a path I get -EACCES which I guess is because:

    def open(self, path, flags):
        LOG(LOG.FILE, 'requesting file open', path)
        accmode = os.O_RDONLY | os.O_WRONLY | os.O_RDWR
        if (flags & accmode) != os.O_RDONLY:
            return -errno.EACCES

and I guess a missing write() method.

Is there any reason beyond the simple case of "who would want to write
to a recording file?" that write(2) was not implemented?

On a side note, I am also noticing that the first (read) access to a
file fails but a second access succeeds.  i.e.

$ md5sum /mnt/tmp/Blue\ Bloods/Black\ and\ Blue.mpg
md5sum: /mnt/tmp/Blue Bloods/Black and Blue.mpg: Invalid argument
$ md5sum /mnt/tmp/Blue\ Bloods/Black\ and\ Blue.mpg
ce...1b  /mnt/tmp/Blue Bloods/Black and Blue.mpg

On a secondary side note, I also notice that mythfs.py doesn't seem to
wake the backend the way a configured FE would using the "WOLsqlCommand"
in ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt.


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