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> Has anyone had much success with a brand of HDTV or media player playing
> your MythTv recordings without and additional transcoder or additional
> tinkering? I have had poor luck with the 360 as a client and great success
> with the PS3 (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/494981)
> But even though my Blu-Ray player is Sony it doesn't play the recordings.
> So who has had luck with a great DLNA player? One built into your TV?
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I've got a Samsung UE32C6510 32" LED HD TV and mythtv appears on the list of DLNA servers.
I can play recorded TV, Videos and Music directly using the TV remote.
The only (minor) issue I have is that some of the TV recordings do not have a title visible on the screen (the date of the recording does show, though) - but some of the recordings do have their title listed! Also, it is possible to display the list of recordings ordered by date or title (where subfolders are shown; a different folder for each date or for each title - which minimises the problem noted above).
When I bought the TV I wasn't aware of this feature, so a pleasant surprise.
Andy Summerskill

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