[mythtv-users] MythTV on Windows

Mark Gardner Mark at thegardners.me.uk
Tue Nov 22 07:45:25 UTC 2011



Is Windows a rude word around here? Apols in advance if it is!


Just wondering if the MythTV on Windows project (is there actually a
project?) is still alive? I think MythTV is great - it's the best
software PVR I have used by a country mile, but I also prefer Windows to


The Wiki sounds quite encouraging about MythTV on Windows, until you
read the bit where it says most tuners are not supported. Is this likely
to change does anyone know? 


I'm also curious as to why most tuners are not supported, when driver
availability seems to be much greater for Windows than Linux. I've two
tuners (both apparently supported by MythTV on Linux) that work for a
while but then just give up (TeVii S660 and KWorld 399U); I have both of
them running rock solid with NextPVR on Windows. But NextPVR is IMHO a
poor comparison to MythTV. MythTV (on Ubuntu) with my Hauppauge Nova-T
stick is also rock solid.






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