[mythtv-users] My HDPVR just died...

Daniel Born born_daniel at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 21:35:04 UTC 2011

My HD-PVR bought about 3 years ago just kicked the bucket yesterday.
Symptoms were: recordings still happening but with a "static interference" look to the recordings. (meanwhile direct viewing from stb to tv showed all was good).

Shutdown entire mythtv setup, from stb to computer, waited 30 seconds and restarted.
After that, HD-PVR was not recognized by computer anymore. On the HD-PVR power led went from bright blue to dark blue and stayed there. No number of on/off, unplug/replug operations took it out of that "mode"...

Going to buy another one tonight... Looking forward to see if new has less "issues" (periodic freezes and recording "glitches").

What's been the usual reliability by others here? I mean total crap out, not the usual issues attributed to the HD-PVR.

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