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On Sunday, November 20, 2011 9:42 PM, "Stefan D"
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  Well, i continue to report problems.
  I'm using LiveTV, i know that it's not very popular and no dev
  is using it. But i'm thinking that this could maybe be a
  problem to others too.
  It started when i was tuning to a channel i thought i had
  access to, but obviously didn't. In the log attached following
  things is happening.
  1. First i tune to a channel that i have access to, works
  2. Then i tune to this unavaliable channel, Myth fails after a
  while unable to open program buffer.
  3. Then i start LiveTV again and Myth tunes to the last
  working channel, the channel that worked in step 1. This now
  4. I try to start LiveTV again, still same channel as in step
  1, still fails.
  5. I restart the frontend, and now Myth is able to tune to the
  channel in step 1 again.
  So the problem is that when Myth fails to tune to a channel it
  can't tune to a valid channel unless the frontend is
  Maybe this could be a issue to others too that don't use

This happens to me, too, when a channel is flaky.  The workaround
(other than don't have flaky channels) is to go into mythweb(but
maybe I am wrong) or mythtv-setup and change the last channel you
were on to a different channel that works.  Sometimes I can when
trying to go back into LiveTV put on a differnet channel really
quick (lets say 45.1 was the bad channel, if I type 2.1 as it is
loading) and not have to go through the hassle of

Kris B.
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