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Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri Nov 18 21:28:13 UTC 2011

On 11/18/2011 16:07, Matt Mossholder wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Matt Mossholder <matt at mossholder.com 
> <mailto:matt at mossholder.com>> wrote:
>     So, I decided to rebuild my backend with Scientific Linux 61. I've
>     enabled the epel, atrpms and atrpms-testing repos, and installed
>     mythtv-backend, mythtv-setup, mythtv-docs, mythweb and mythtv-common.
>     After running mythtv-setup and mythfilldatabase, things appear to
>     be fine. Recordings are made and show up on disk. However, any
>     connection to the backend on port 6543 fails, UNLESS it occurs
>     before the initial run of the scheduler. I haven't ever managed to
>     get two connections to occur before the scheduler run ( my timing
>     isn't that good :), but any connection that occurs after the
>     scheduler runs fails, because the backend never responds. By this
>     I mean that the connection is accepted, but no data is ever sent
>     back, and mythweb and/or find_orphans.py time out waiting for a
>     response to the ANN message.
>     Logging with -v all doesn't really show much. MythSocket never
>     logs anything for the port 6543/tcp after the scheduler, although
>     I do see MythSocket entries for the UPnP SSDP packets being handled.
>     Anyone have any ideas? I am at a complete loss... logfiles and a
>     full strace available upon request!
>     Thanks!
>          --Matt
> Oh, I should also mention that the connections to port 6543 are held 
> open indefinitely, if you use something like nc or telnet to open the 
> connection.

Connections are handled by the socket server running in the main 
thread.  Each request made on a socket is handled by one of a pool of 
threads.  There is a known and as yet unresolved race condition that 
causes all of these threads to lock and not service any requests.  That 
would result in the behavior here, where a connection can be made, but 
no responses ever come to any queries, with the frontend and bindings 
eventually timing out.

What specific revision of MythTV are you running?  There were a few 
fixes made several months ago, that based off the reduced frequence of 
this complaint on the mailing list, seems to have solved the issue for 
most users.
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