[mythtv-users] Really strange one...

Matt Mossholder matt at mossholder.com
Fri Nov 18 20:37:02 UTC 2011

So, I decided to rebuild my backend with Scientific Linux 61. I've enabled
the epel, atrpms and atrpms-testing repos, and installed mythtv-backend,
mythtv-setup, mythtv-docs, mythweb and mythtv-common.

After running mythtv-setup and mythfilldatabase, things appear to be fine.
Recordings are made and show up on disk. However, any connection to the
backend on port 6543 fails, UNLESS it occurs before the initial run of the
scheduler. I haven't ever managed to get two connections to occur before
the scheduler run ( my timing isn't that good :), but any connection that
occurs after the scheduler runs fails, because the backend never responds.
By this I mean that the connection is accepted, but no data is ever sent
back, and mythweb and/or find_orphans.py time out waiting for a response to
the ANN message.

Logging with -v all doesn't really show much. MythSocket never logs
anything for the port 6543/tcp after the scheduler, although I do see
MythSocket entries for the UPnP SSDP packets being handled.

Anyone have any ideas? I am at a complete loss... logfiles and a full
strace available upon request!


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