[mythtv-users] tv listings with muti source tuners

Karl Dietz dekarl at spaetfruehstuecken.org
Fri Nov 18 09:20:45 UTC 2011

Hi Tim,

On 18.11.2011 09:59, Tim Draper wrote:
> i have 2 2 different tuners; DVB-S2, and DVB-T. they obviously have
> their own listings, and thus run on different sources in mythtv-setup.

> i've ran a channel script taken from the mythtv wiki that will rename
> similar channels to the same, and also correctly change their channel
> number.

So you are collapsing all the instances of the same channel into on
visible channel in the guide.

> It's now been 8 days and so the EIT DVB-S2 data has expired and is no
> longer showing any shows data in the 'Listings' page of mythweb.

You are seeing the channel from DVB-S2 in mythweb.

> HOWEVER, if i go into the 'Upcoming Recordings', i see the correct
> ammount of upcoming recordings, and shows are being recorded as
> expected.

your recording rules will find the programmes on the folded DVB-T

> also, the DVB-T only channels are correctly displaying up-to-date EIT data.

they are not folded, so you see the DVB-T channel in mythweb

> it's asif mythweb listings has taken the DVB-S2 card as the master EIT
> source for channels available on both tuners, and dispite having valid
> EIT data from the DVB-T card, it's not actually showing it in the
> listings.

No. The channels stay independent. You are just not seeing them in
mythweb because they got folded in a way that shows the DVB-S2 "on top"
of the DVB-T channel. With an empty guide on the DVB-S2 channel it
appears as if you had no guide data for the channel.

Simple solution would be giving the channels distinct channel numbers
until you get your card back from RMA.


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