[mythtv-users] Remote Transcoding

P. Laflamme twologic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 15:54:50 UTC 2011

> When you are running playback on a frontend, or remote commflagging, the
> videos never touch the local filesystem.  All data is streamed over
> mythprotocol.  Remote transcoding would follow the same procedure.  Any
> other setup would be artificially limiting to users running powerful
> machines with no local storage.  You read the data over mythprotocol,
> transcode, and write the data back out over mythprotocol, leaving all
> storage requirements on the remote backend.

Ah! I see. So instead of relying on a network filesystem, it would
rely on mythprotocol. That sounds great. What kind of bandwidth would
it require though? Say for transcoding 1080p to high-res. I guess it's
already the case since currently transcoding happens over a network

> Since you couldn't write to the file you were reading from, you need a
> call to tell the remote backend to rename that file once you're done.
> Alternatively, you could just alter the basename in the database and
> delete the old file.

I'd be happy to try to produce a patch that will update the filename
in the database after transcoding. Would it be accepted if it's done
this way?


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