[mythtv-users] EXT4 vs XFS

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Thu Nov 17 04:52:36 UTC 2011

On 11-11-16 08:51 PM, Dave Badia wrote:
> One extra consideration for those who have an SSD is that TRIM is only
> supported by ext4 and not ext3.  And no, mounting an ext3 drive as
> ext4 doesn't work - you have to actually convert the filesystem to
> ext4 for TRIM to work.

For the most part, very few of us would ever really want to
have "on the fly TRIM" enabled.  Which is why it's off by default,
and most kernel developers want it off by default.

It slows things down and adds unnecessary wear and tear (aka. "erase cycles")
to the SSDs for very little, if any, real-life benefit.

Doing periodic batched TRIMs is better, either with one of the various
programs that support FSTRIM, or with the wiper.sh script that is
part of the hdparm package.  Note that the latter works for ext3 as well,
in an "offline" (non-mounted) mode.


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