[mythtv-users] MythmetadataLookup again

Karl Dietz dekarl at spaetfruehstuecken.org
Wed Nov 16 20:54:38 UTC 2011


I've gone back and looked at the original question... Did you actually
edit the recording rule to match to metadata like described here?

That should give you the metadata from the guide (actors, synopsis, etc)
plus the series artwork from tvdb.

> I just tried it a little bit, seems to work. But it don't look like åäö
> is working very well, i get a strange sign instead. Do you know why?
> Haven't had the time to investigate yet.

I have heard this multiple times but can't reproduce (neither can our 
nightly tester. it's working from debian lenny (yes the release from
early 2009) to the latest an greatest unstable release.

I have it working on Mythbuntu 11.04 out of the box.

Do your logs show errors mentioning utf-8? Like this one:
  This application expects to be running a locale that specifies a UTF-8
  codeset, and many features may behave improperly with your current
  language settings. Please set the %1 variable(s) in the environment
  in which this program is executed to include a UTF-8 codeset (such as


ps: my swedish wikipedia uses the original english episode names, might
     be a sane solution. (guessing that it's likely with english audio,

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