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Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Tue Nov 15 21:13:38 UTC 2011

On 11/14/11 1:18 PM, Simon Jones wrote:
> Wrapme,
> Just a quick comment, but would it not be better to put a line in your
> sudoers to allow the pacman without a password rather than putting
> your root password in a world readable file??
>> root_pass="<your root password>"
> Regards,
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Sure. This might be alternative approach to mine and probably better one.
I see You are going route exactly the same like mine 
I think this is good idea.
It requires some effort - but as result I have system which is really 
stable and careless.
Also - after multiple months of usage & reading this list since years I 
realized I don't even remotely meet of 90% of problems mentioned by 
other ppl here.
Maybe this is luck maybe not. I believe it is not and it is result of 
basing my whole solution on fundamentals: Arch & Minimyth.

btw: I started with myth 7y ago - and Knoppmyth/LinHES was my distro of 
choice for 4-5y. It was/is perfect enabler for MythTV.
Cecil deserves really big thanx for his hard work !
Unfortunately  - as time goes - more and more packages I have to 
recompile to suit my needs (this wasn't problem).
Serious problem appear when I was forced to switch to newer kernel.
Dependencies simply killed me - so I do comparison: what cost more
1\resolve deps (mean a lot of rebuilds) ans stay on LinHES
2\DIY (initially also many rebuilds) but latter all under my control.
I risk 2nd option - and will never look back.

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