[mythtv-users] UK recording Freeview HD while watching an SD program

Paul dazzle at edazzle.net
Tue Nov 15 17:17:55 UTC 2011

>Am wondering if the atom processor is a little under powered for what
>your doing tho, or it's not being pushed up to max performance by the
>governor and then basically the system is being strangled.

>Can you ssh in and run top to see what your processor and memory usage is?

I had a look at some of the CPU bios settings and disabled CPU TM function, 
Execute-Disable Bit Capability and Bluetooth (just because I don't use it), 
plus I flashed the Seagate Momentus XT to the latest firmware because 
searching around the web there seemed to be some corruption issues under 
Linux with this drive.

So far everything looks good and testing recording with HD while playback SD 
seems to be working fine. The set-up seems faster as well and using slightly 
less resources. I have also noticed a load of USB errors in dmesg which I 
used to get have stopped appearing as well and boot-up seems a lot faster.

With top I get:

FE: 7% CPU / 2.1% RAM
BE: 8% CPU / 5.0% RAM

when recording HD and SD playback (VDPAU w/ deinterlacing).

thanks for all replies and i'll re-post if things haven't improved after 
normal usuage.


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