[mythtv-users] Duplicate episodes recording

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Nov 15 16:49:51 UTC 2011

On 11/15/2011 09:58 AM, Brian Long wrote:
> I have a single recording rule which seems to be failing.  If I set 
> "Don Francisco Presenta" to record at any time on any channel, it 
> records from my HDHR and HDPVR at the same time.  Both episode titles, 
> descriptions, EP numbers, are the same.  I deleted the recording rule 
> and put it back.  When I look at upcoming recordings, it shows both.
> Why would duplicate detection be failing?  I could hard-code the rule 
> to the 1140 channel (HD-PVR), but then if there is a conflict it won't 
> fall back to the HDHR.  I have other similar rules which work 
> properly.  For example (from mythbackend --printsched):
> Title - Subtitle                    Ch Station Day Start  End   S C I  
> T N Pri
> Designed to Sell - From Catastroph  350 HGTV    15 11:30-12:00  3 1 1  
> d 1 0
> Designed to Sell - From Catastroph 1350 HGTVD   15 11:30-12:00  3 0 0  
> d E 0
> Thanks for any troubleshooting ideas.

There's a long-standing bug where if you have multiple channels that air 
the same content at the same time, but have different callsigns (i.e. 
HGTV and HGTVD), MythTV will record the episode multiple times.  Note 
that you should only change the callsigns to be equivalent if the 
content shown on the channels is "substantially identical" (which, IMHO, 
means completely identical).  So, changing both to HGTV or HGTVD would 
work around the bug.


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