[mythtv-users] Unable to determine directory to write to in DOWNLOAD_FILE write command

Martin Kleinschmidt mk at theochem.uni-duesseldorf.de
Mon Nov 14 21:12:10 UTC 2011


I am havng problems with the theme chooser: when choosing a theme for
download, mythtv "hangs" (does not complete the download) forever. IN
the logs I find the message mentiones in the subject.

I found http://irc.mythtv.org/ircLog/channel/1/2011-06-09, and in there:

[11:26:27]      DarkSaboteur:   Hi, I'm having an issue with the theme
downloader built into mythfrontend
[11:27:08]      DarkSaboteur:   It is unable to download any themes and
sits with the progress bar but nothing ever happens
[11:27:56]      DarkSaboteur:   The frontend logs contain
"downloadRemoteFile(): DOWNLOAD_FILE returned ERROR!"
[11:28:12]      DarkSaboteur:   And the backend "Unable to determine
directory to write to in DOWNLOAD_FILE write command"
[11:28:30]      DarkSaboteur:   I am not sure how to tell it which
directory to use for DOWNLOAD_FILE
[11:28:42]      DarkSaboteur:   Any ideas?
[11:29:09]      DarkSaboteur:   I'm on 0.24.1 if it matters

(no answers)

[12:08:50]      DarkSaboteur:   Nevermind, it was a permissions issue on
the backend. Mythbackend was unable to create the tmp and theme

this sounds reasonable, but I do not know, WHICH directory permissions I
need to change. I am running 0.24.1_p20111030 on gentoo, backend runs as
user mythtv, frontend with my user ID.

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