[mythtv-users] EXT4 vs XFS

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Sun Nov 13 23:34:34 UTC 2011

>> Doug Lytle wrote:
>> There's no downside that I know of
>> I thought there was a recent thread here, about having the mysql
>> database on an EXT4 file system caused issue.  Granted this is for the
>> data partition, but thought I'd mention it.

>Richard Shaw wrote:
>It must not be too prevalent then. I've been running EXT4 exclusively
>on all my partitions for over 2 years without issue. There may be a
>certain set of circumstances that cause the problem.

I followed that thread, and it seemed to me that the issue boiled down to 
not really an "ext4" thing per-say but having the correct mount options for 
ext4 AND (more importantly?) properly configuring MySQL. 

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